Activation of the internal arbitration bot

Activating an Internal Arbitration Bot usually requires completing several steps and then clicking a button.

When activating the Internal Arbitration Bot, you must follow the rules provided by the exchange.

Steps to activate the Internal Arbitration Bot include:

1. “Account Login”: Log in to your account on the platform where you want to activate the Internal Arbitration Bot.

2. “Activate the general arbitration system”: Your arbitration system must be active. If the general arbitration system is in an inactive state, then the Internal Arbitration bot will not be active.

3. “Replenish the staking pool”: You will need to replenish the staking pool in order to receive a referral percentage, on which the volume of the internal arbitrage order depends.

To activate the internal arbitrage bot, the arbitration order must be at least 10 USDT.

4. “Replenish the arbitration balance”: The commission for the arbitration circle of the internal bot is debited from the arbitration balance. After setting the parameters, activate the Internal Arbitration Bot, perhaps by clicking on the appropriate button or performing other actions in the platform interface.

After setting these parameters, activate the Internal Arbitration Bot by clicking on the corresponding button