How to set up a Grid Bot?

Grid trading algorithm is a type of trading strategy where a trading bot automatically buys and sells cryptocurrencies on the spot market. It places orders at predetermined intervals and price ranges.

During grid trading, the bot sets orders for buying and selling, creating a grid of orders with gradually increasing and decreasing prices. As a result, a trading grid is formed.

The goal of grid trading is to generate profit from small price fluctuations. Quantitative trading helps trade rationally.

How to set up a bot for grid trading?

After registering on the UGMCRYPTO Exchange

proceed to the Exchange section.

Choosing a trading pair

Go to bots

Setting up the Grid bot in LONG

(1) We make a deposit in the currency indicated. In this example, this is the USDT cryptocurrency.

(2) The trader enters the number of orders at his own discretion. The greater the number of orders, the more often the orders are triggered, but the volume of the order is also smaller.

(3) Profit percentage. This indicator is set at the discretion of the trader. The smaller the percentage of profit, the more often orders are triggered, and the bot fixes more profit. (minimum allowable percentage of profit is 0.5%)

(4) Start button. After pressing the START button, the bot will automatically place orders using the deposit according to the settings.

Setting up the Grid bot in SHORT