Fee for withdrawal

Withdrawal restrictions on the UGM Crypto platform are necessary measures to ensure security and compliance with regulatory requirements. Restrictions include various rules and restrictions for users, both verified and non-verified. These limits may be related to withdrawal amounts, withdrawal frequency, withdrawal methods.

Withdrawal restrictions are due to the following factors:

1. "Security:" Restrictions can help prevent fraud and illegal use of the UGM Crypto platform.

2. "Compliance with Laws:" The company is engaged in a cryptocurrency exchange and may be subject to various regulatory requirements and financial reporting laws. Restrictions can help a company comply with these requirements.

3. "Liquidity Protection:" Restrictions can help ensure that other users have access to sufficient liquidity and protect their efficient arbitrage trading.

4. "Manipulation Prevention:" Restrictions help prevent market manipulation and unauthorized arbitrage.

5. "Protection against money laundering and terrorist financing:" Restrictions can help a company monitor financial transactions and identify potential cases of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Users wishing to withdraw funds from the platform should generally familiarize themselves with the rules and restrictions. It is also recommended to verify your account, if required, in order to have access to more functionality and more freedom when withdrawing funds.